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Poles Inspected


Images Captured


Advisories Captured

We've got you covered

From flight to the final reporting!

Flight By Pilots

With Industry Expertise

Anyone can fly a drone but few know what to capture. Our pilots are extensively trained in powerline inspections and know what to look for and the best way to capture it.

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Visual Inspection of

Transmission & Distribution Lines

From 40KV or less to 230+KV we have done it all. We have developed proprietary methods to efficiently fly, capture and analyze.

Visual & Thermal Inspection

of Substations

Our drones are also equipped with thermal sensors to identify hotspots on poles and substations. We are certified to operate in nighttime for greater thermal reading accuracy.

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Analytics By Our Network of

200+ Certified Linemen

Our linemen have expertise with various electrical line classes raging from 30KV all the way up to 300KV. We do not simply provide hard drives of raw imagery, but a fully-fledged report that contains the advisories, their location, our repair recommendation and estimates.

Reports Via Our

Proprietary Dashboard

We understand how complex it is to manage, analyze and host the tens of thousands of drone images. For that reason we have created our proprietary system to securely organize, annotate, host and share data seamlessly with our clients.

We've Done it All



 18,000+ Transmission Poles Inspected.



100+ Substations Inspected in Thermal & Visual modes.



42,000+ Distribution Poles Inspected.


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Tory Foster

Tory Foster has 15+ years of aviation business experience specializing in initializing and growing worldwide operations.

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Charlie El Khoury

Charlie has been working on drone-based inspection software for 7+ years. He has lead teams to create various apps and tools to improve image management & analytics. 

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Already Have Your Drone Program?

Check Out Our Training Program

(Based on 5+ years of flying various powerlines)

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We have been flying drones for many years around electrical infrastructure and built the best practices for safety, data capture, management & analytics. We are now sharing this knowledge and can train your linemen and pilots to do the job accurately and quickly while being mindful of costs

Start Automating Your Analytics

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We understand how complex this process can become as we have experienced it ourselves. For that reason and for the 3rd year now we are leveraging our internal software VOLT to transform drone into actionable insights in near-real time.

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